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Medicinal Herbs

The history of the alternative medicine dates back long ago to the times when there had been the first man on earth. Because there was no such aid or understanding of the medicines and therapies, simple plant's leaves were involved in the healing procedures, and sometimes also involved the intake through the mouth.

This then gave rise to the use of medicinal herbs, which have been a part of our lives since thousands of years and are known to be effective for many diseases that have been healed over time with their use.


These medicinal herbs are used for various purposes related to the health and its maintenance. The immune system of the body is given a great boost with the use of certain medicinal herbs. Various types of body infections can be completely healed with the increase in the body's resistance to them after the use of the medicinal herbs. Even certain allergies are known to have been completely subsided with the involvement of the medicinal herbs. Overall these types of herbs are also known to give a great boost to the energy, and vitality of the body in totality.

For instance the most commonly used herb the Garlic is now, a major ingredient of almost every dish made today because of not only its taste but its role as a medicinal herb. Garlic can be used as an antibiotic, i-e it can work against the bacterial diseases in the human body. Latest research has also proved the treatment of the cardiovascular diseases through the use of garlic.

Echinacea is another medicinal herb which is coming in use for the medicinal purposes specially the purple coneflower specie of Echinacea. These herbs are known to have reduces the severity and also the duration of the common flu.

Medicinal herbs are now found in a great variety almost dealing with every medical related problem with the advancement in the research and their use.

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