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Chamomile originates from the sunflower family and there are two types of widely known Chamomile plant, the German Chamomile and the Roman Chamomile, which cannot be described singly.

The German Chamomile usually is found in the populated areas of the European and the temperate Asian regions of the world. The seeds require an open soil for their survival therefore they are best grown near the roads, around the landfill sites and also in certain cultivated fields as weeds. The stem is usually branched and erect reaching the maximum height of about 15-60 cm, with long and narrow leaves structure.

The German Chamomile contains the white and yellow florets which distinguishes them from other species. The flowers are known to be strong and have an aromatic smell with the mid summer being its blooming time period.

The Roman Camomile, is also commonly known as Anthemis nobilis and is found in the low European regions, mostly the dry areas and the cultivated grounds. The leaves are known to be dissected ad glabrous unlike the German Chamomile. The plants can reach the height of about eight to twelve inches above the ground. These are distinguished with their silverfish flowers, which bloom during the summer months of June and July.

The uses of Chamomile is mainly in the cosmetics, it is used for making the rinse of the blonde hair and is also popular used in the aromatherapy. It is now known as one of the very useful anti depressing and calming agents used extensively in aromatherapy. The Chamomile is also used in aiding the sleep, because of its calming effect.


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